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Unfortunately, every individual is faced with the inevitable fate of death and the possibility of being a victim to a medical catastrophe that causes incapacitation.  Nobody wants to place loved ones in the awful predicament of having the State decide major financial and medical decisions when unable to do so and how your assets are distributed and to whom.  Allow my office to help you make these decisions and set up safeguards to protect individuals such as your minor children.

Whether you need a Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, Living Will and other estate planning documents, let my office work with your unique circumstances to establish how your assets will be managed during your lifetime, how those assets will be distributed after death, and who can make medical and financial decisions when you are unable to do so due to a state of incapacitation.  


I will work tirelessly with you to ensure you receive reliable and effective estate planning advice and strategies and we will work together to implement the same to your full satisfaction.

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