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Has a prior arrest or conviction stood in the way of you getting a job, enrollment in an educational institution, financial aid, professional license, housing, loans, or insurance?  Often many individuals do not think of the consequences of an arrest or conviction and how having a criminal record could haunt you for the rest of your life. 


Luckily, New Jersey has recognized the importance of giving second chances in certain cases through their implementation of expungement laws.  Hiring an experienced attorney expedites the process and guarantees that all technical requirements and small details are being followed and included. 

Unfortunately, not all crimes qualify for an expungement in New Jersey.  Our office will review your situation to determine whether you qualify for an expungement and immediately gather all necessary paperwork so a court date can be set and your order for expungement can be signed. 


We will then ensure that all appropriate agencies are notified and provided with the necessary paperwork to get your record expunged.  Do not let your past get in the way of future. 


Our office will work tirelessly to clear your record as quickly as possible and give you peace of mind that your past is in the past.  We offer free consultations and will assist you with all of your expungement needs.

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